What Do Men Want Out Of A Date

Have you ever found yourself after a long night asking, “What do men want out of a date?”

Well, you’re not alone. Men are not always as simple as they appear to be. Conventional wisdom says they only care about looks, but that’s not the pure truth.

Keep reading and I’ll break down the six things men want out of a date.

He Wants A Good Conversation
Don’t get me wrong: looks are important, as they are to many women. But, they’re not everything.

Men want a good conversation. It’s great to be easy on the eyes, but in a relationship both parties need substance. Deep conversation is an indicator of real chemistry. Conversation shows him your charm, wit, and interests. All of which are great qualities in a partner. I’m not saying to unload on your date on the first meet, but there’s no need to hide your true feelings either. People are afraid to show depth and to do so shows confidence, which is always attractive.

He Wants Compatibility

Relationships are always about mutual acknowledgement of people. They’re about seeing who someone is and appreciating them for it. Dates are the way that people find out if there’s potential for long-term compatibility.

Your date will be looking out for common interests, shared values, and chemistry. So if you think it’s there, try to show it off. Both of you are trying to figure out if you’re on the same wavelength. Answer a lot of questions and ask your own in response.

He Wants to Let His Guard Down
Men learn from a young age from their dad, brothers, friends, and society that they need to be manly all the time. This usually means strong, powerful, and a fixer of all things. When they’re with other men, they wear their man suit, but it can be exhausting. Men feel limited by this expectation and they want to be able to let their guard down.

So on a date, he wants to be able to take off the suit and just be himself in a way he struggles to be at other times. He wants to be able to share his feelings, be listened to, and just be himself, not the superman everyone expects him to be. Give him the space to do this, and he’ll be far more likely to be himself and open up to you.

He Wants to Have Fun
You do too, don’t you? 

Despite all the complaining you hear about the single life, some people do find it fun. And it’s at it’s best when it is. The best dates are a balancing act of deep conversations, play, laughter, and intimacy. Try not to take yourself too seriously. It’ll make things easier for both of you.

He Wants to Get to Know the Real You
Be yourself. I know the advice is overstated and overblown, but it’s true. We all wear masks in our everyday life, but dating is about taking it off. Don’t pretend you’re someone you’re not and don’t be the person you are when you’re trying to woo someone.

Be honest with your hopes and your fears. You don’t have to unload on the first date, but you do have to let him in if you want to figure out if you’re right for each other.

He Wants to Know Where He Stands
Kind, genuine men who are looking for more than just a hookup aren’t into playing games. He wants to know where he stands with you. If you like him, if you’re enjoying the date, if you’re keen to see him again.

So don’t be afraid to tell him you’re enjoying his company while on the date. Everyone enjoys a little confidence boost like this! And if you’re not, then don’t be afraid to explain that gently to him, and cut the date short. 

So be yourself, be kind, and don’t put any pressure on the date. Just focus on having fun and finding out more about this person.